2022 Latest Dual Color Shiny Silk PLA Dual Tone Color 3D Printer Silk Filament 1.75mm 1kg Spool

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Mindahand bicolor Silk PLA is not normal Silk PLA or PLA rainbow. Its color is composed of symmetrical distribution of two colors rather than mixed color, the dual tone color silk determines that the 3d model printed will be more artistic and ornamental.


1.Bicolor Silk Pla
2.Eco-friendly, biodegradable;
3.Bright color, high strength;
4.Low shrinkage/warping easy to print, odorless
5.Compatible with all types of FDM 3D printers, suitable for printing artworks and crafts.


1.Neat winding
2.Tangle free
3.Bubble free
4.High glossiness
5.Tolerance ±0.02mm


Diameter: 1.75mm±0.02mm
Net Weight: 1kg
Gross Weight: 1.35kg
Length: About 340m


Suggest print config:

1.Print Temp: 190-210℃
2.Heated bed: 0-60℃
3.Print speed: Medium