NTC 100K ohm B3950 Thermistor 3x15mm Cartridge Sensor High Temperature for 3D V6 Upgraded Heater Block 3D Printer

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Origin: CN(Origin)
Item Type: Thermistor

3D Printer Parts Thermistor Temperature Sensor B3950
Specifications: Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) 
Maximum temperature : upto 280 degree  C
Beta value  : 3950 K
Resistance at 25 degree C : 100 Kohms
High accuracy:1%
Temperature measurement head size: 3 * 15mm
Cable long 1 meter 
*Upgrade from the original ordinary temperature probe directly exposed temperature measurement to resistance package temperature measurement. Temperature measurement head cylinder diameter 3mm, length 15mm, can be used with the heating block that support the thermocouple,such as the PT100 version V6 heating block ,V5 upgraded heating block and PT100 version volcano heating block.
*The new version of NTC100K 3950 thermistor is encapsulated in copper shell with high temperature heat conduct glue to ensure the maximum service life.Measurement response is faster and measurement accuracy is higher than stainless steel shell.
*Marlin 2.0 setting: *13:100k Hisens 3950 1% up to 300°C for hotend "Simple ONE " & "Hotend "All In ONE"
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 13
Type A------ white cable without wire connector
Type B------ white cable with XH 2.54 2P wire connector
Type C------ kapton insulation tube and orange cable with XH 2.54 2P wire connector